Platform Deployment Choose the best-fit scenario!

The backend, middleware and UI design of entire platform along with its constituent application software packages, has been prepared considering deployment flexibility. It allows us to have the platform on-the-cloud, on-premise deployment or have a scenario where some modules can reside on-premise and others on the cloud building up an integrated system. More information on deployment scenarios has been provided in tabs below.

Platform Integration Tools

Integration tools consists of various components /drivers that lets us integrate the solution with existing IT setup modules. These may be used for pulling / pushing data amongst the system components for seamless operations. Component tools talk native language with the existing systems.

For best and desired results from software platform, we may undertake required developments and adjustments that are customized in nature. Major developments may become a part of our product development roadmap. The idea is to get maximum out of automation process.

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We shall be working with you to prepare and migrate operations to the platform, along with inclusion of any other possible operational processes, to automate as much as possible.

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Primary deployment of almost all major products from Tesarrow has been on Cloud. These programs have been specifically designed for cloud, to leverage the power of cloud infrastructure, and provide our customers the best possible solution. We selected data centers with world class infrastructure, security and operating capability.

If you desire so, our programs could be arranged to be deployed on premise. Apart from communication channels, all programs could be placed in your data center. A separate mutual agreement could be prepared and put in place for the same.

There can be scenarios wherein you would still like to leverage the power of already existing infrastructure, while upgrading to new cloud based programs. In such a setup, our integration components play a vital role in bringing all old and new components together. Basis study of existing programs, we'd develop and configure all required components, to get you on board.

Multiple web-based application Programming Interfaces (API) have been developed for easy and quick integration of solutions. If needed we undertake required development for modifications to enable smooth & secure flow of information between the program components.

When we start working with working with you, we analyze your system, its advantages, disadvantages, your operational challenges etc. Keeping in mind the studied points, we work to resolve issues, take you on board our products and provide all assistance required for smooth operations.

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