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Bringing technology pieces together to present consolidated dashboard view to businesses and organizations, for many of their processes. Integrated communication gateways to bring about multiple communication channels alive, right under business control!

The platform consists of digital systems to assist manufacturing, retail dealer businesses and service organizations to automate & organize many of their business processes.

It is not just a suite of integrated software packages but a system that brings about management control on multiple business departments working in tandem with each other. The system provides better consolidation to management, that ultimately helps in faster decision-making, thereby improving efficiency, cutting costs and improving revenue.

Salient Features

  • Single Login Dashboard
  • Operate from Anywhere, Any Device
  • Built-In Gateways for Text/SMS, Voice & Video Communication
  • Built-In Advanced Analytics, Standards based audit-able technology
  • Mobile APPs for many functions
  • Off-Line mode for Business-critical Functions

Product Design

The platform enjoys internal design and coding standards using latest available/suitable tools, design-patterns and programming languages. Middleware visual designs of all constituent packages have been prepared for development, maintenance and upgrades, using unified modeling language tools. Doing so enables us to view and discuss system internals for development, testing and see through effects of functionality changes.


The software design allows us to deploy the entire platform over the secure internet cloud. The cloud design-patterns have been fully utilized to take full advantage of facilities provided by cloud infrastructure. Amongst others, features include auto expansion and contraction as per application load conditions.
The platform functions are also available for deployment on-premise. To find more on deployment scenarios, please click on the link provided on right-top of this page.

Software Packages

Various software packages include Corporate Portal, Financial Account System, Inventory Management System, Asset Management System, Customer Relationship Management System, Corporate Projects, Loyalty Management and more. For details, please click on links provided on right panel of this page.

Product Roadmap

SERVUNTO™ platform being company's one of the core platforms, shall undergo regular development for features and upgrades, from time to time. Core teams on design, development and testing shall be engaged on regular basis, to take the products to next level, and make them user-friendly, business-friendly.

Product roadmap has been prepared as per internal assessment of project items. Following are few product releases with intended dates that are lined up for production.

Product Releases:
  • SERVUNTO™ Release 1.0 - December 05th, 2016.

    SERVUNTO™ Release 1.0 -What's New.
    Release 1.0 of this software package has been made available to Industry.
    Following are few highlights:-
    Comprehensive, yet easy to use Financial Accounting System.
    Instant updates in Ledgers, Financial documents like Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, P&L Statements.
    Details in dril-down fashion for easy browsing & Control.
    Voucher Entry with Fewer Clicks with pre-configured assisting keys.
    Global Operations with Country, Culture, Currency settings.

    Integrated Inventory Management System
    Comprehensive, yet easy to use Inventory Management.
    Instant updates in Stocks, ledgers and related Statements.
    Flexible configuration for Item Types, categories and related Specification.
    Multiple Stocks per Item Code with respective Stocks maintenance.

    Integrated Customised Billing System
    Highly Configurable Billing System, with integrated Payment System.
    Instant updates in Stocks, ledgers and related Statements.
    Flexible configuration for Tax items like GST, CST, VAT etc.
    Configurable Discounts & Offers Management.
    Invoice Entry with Fewer Clicks with pre-configured assisting keys.
    Automatic Posting to Financial Ledgers and Inventory Stocks.

    Integrated Customer Management System
    Integrated with Customers', Vendors's Financial Acounts for tracking parameters.
    Contact Books, Categorisation, Classification, Contracts Management, Activity Management.
    Lead Management, Customer Complaints Management, Promotional Campaigns Management

  • SERVUNTO™ Release 1.1 - February 15th, 2017.

    SERVUNTO™ Release 1.1 -What's New.
    Release 1.1 has been released. Following are few highlights:-
    Comprehensive, yet easy to use Corporate Portal System.
    Make Your Employees Happy, to Make Your Customers Happy!.
    Detailed Corporate functions including essential HR functions.
    Integrated Employee Evaluation System.

    Corporate Projects Management System
    Comprehensive Project Management System.
    Instant updates in Evaluation Structure.
    Flexible configuration for On-site locations.
    Management of multi-location, multi-agency Tasks, Contracts.

  • SERVUNTO™ Release 1.2 (Internet Cloud Version) - July 3rd, 2018. Click to Register / Login

    SERVUNTO™ Release 1.2 -What's New.
    Release 1.2 has been re-engineered and deployed on Internet Cloud. Following are few highlights:-
    Comprehensive module wise architecture
    Latest technology architecture with elastic computing design.
    Secure, Scalable, yet affordable system.
    With its flexible approach, it adapts your business processes rapidly.
    Easy integration with third-party systems.

    Multiple Systems are Integrated...
    Apparel | Garments | Equipment Manufacturing System
    Corporate Portal for Your Company.
    Comprehensive systems for Financial Accounting, Inventory Management, Customised Billing System.
    Comprehensive Project Management System, Employees Management System.
    Customer Relation and Loyalty Systems
    Flexible configuration for On-site locations.
    Support for niche business workflows....

  • SERVUNTO™ Release 1.3 (Enhanced features, Advanced Analytics) - April 15th, 2020.

  • SERVUNTO™ Release 8.0 (Enhanced features in Production, Manufacturing, Advanced Analytics) - Nov 7th, 2020.

  • SERVUNTO™ Release 11.1 (Enhanced features in Production, Manufacturing, Service) - June 7th, 2021.

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