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Digital technology backbone you need to modernize your business. Boost performance & efficiency in areas that are critical to your manufacturing organization — improving customer engagements, operations, and
supply chain

Easy to Configure, Modern ERP Solution for Industrial Manufacturing houses

Run Your Business, the Way
You Want!

Tailor-Made Solution!
  • On-Cloud. On-Premise. No Client Installations. Faster Go-Live!
  • Configurable Manufacturing Process Software Components

  • Delegation Matrix - Specify Numbers | Value for Designated Users
  • Restricted Access to Commercial Values
Delegate Power to
Department Heads!

Be More Powerful, Organized

No Need For a Big
IT Budget!

Highly Affordable Solution!
  • No big up-front investments.
  • Pay as you Use. When You really Add Value to the system.

  • Ideal for Growing Organizations, Staff Reshuffle Scenarios
  • Context Sensitive Help, to Reduce Operational Training Requirements
Central Setup
Multiple Work Locations!

Distributed Approvals

Industrial Manufacturing

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Industrial Manufacturing management system include following major, easy to operate & powerful functions (amongst many others) -
Order Management
Multi-Site Production Planning
Material Procurement
Purechase Indent | Orders
Material Fulfillment
GRN | Stores| Distribution
Time & Action Sheet
Flexible & Trace-able
Multi-site Production Execution
Production Phase Tracking
Quality Assurance
Flexible Item|Resource Catalog
Multi-Level BOMs
Flexible Size-Ratio Templates
Un-limited Item characteristics
Multiple Docs|Pics Per Item
Multiple Docs Per Artifact
Multi-Location | Phase Production
Integrated Communication
Integrated Finance Module
Integrated Inventory Module
Multi-Layer Security
Encryption |Authority |Restriction
User Access|Delegation
Approvals | Numbers | Value
Manufacturing Order Tracking
Job Work Tracking
Production Lines Tracking
Visual Delivery Charts
Raw Material | Resource Costs
Production Item Costs
Document Hot-Links for Tracking
Material Supply Alerts

Integrated HR Management System

Corporate Portal
  • Integrate Employee Performance with Appraisals
  • Adjust Production Planning wrt Employee Leave

  • Customer Complaints Ticket System
  • Quality Assurance.
Integrated LMS | CRM Systems

Customer Care!

Equipment | Consumables Manufacturing System

SERVUNTO™ - ERP On Device, Presents End-to-End Software Solution for Industrial Manufacturing Industry.

There are multiple processes involved in the manufacturing of any item, be it consumable, furniture, equipment etc. Ready to use item manufacturing involves multiple processing steps, beginning with the idea or design concept or customer requirement and ending with the finished product.

Some of the processes involved in general manufacturing may include – Design/Sketch, Sampling, Costing, Production Planning, Maker Making, Material sheet Spreading, Cutting, Assembling, Painting, Washing, Finishing, Packing, Final Inspection, Dispatch etc.

SERVUNTO™ - ERP On Device assists you to carry out multiple processes with ease, particularly when number of simultaneous Buyer Orders increase and when it becomes increasingly difficult in managing the complexity.

Merchandizing | Buyer Order Management Procurement | Inventory Management
  • Track Product Life cycle from sampling to order delivery
  • Create Costings, Budgets, BOM sheets
  • Track Product Development
  • Do Post Shipment Costing and profitability analysis
  • Create Purchase orders for material purchase as well as job work
  • Track Inventory, Track purchases and deliveries
  • Perform Vendor rating, smart allocation of purchase orders
  • Optimise inventory allocation across Orders ensuring lower costs.
Production Planning Production | Execution
  • Smart Production Phase Allocation tool.
  • Visual based Production planning
  • Easy movement of Material amongst Production Phases
  • Get Planned Vs. Actual Costs
  • Track production -Material Issue to shop floor to Receipt in Finished Goods Warehouse
  • Perform Quality and production analysis
  • Track Outsourced and in-house Production
  • Perform Planned Vs. Actual production costs
Financial Accounting Shipping
  • All standard accounting reports such as P&L, B&S, Trial Balance etc
  • Approvals, Linked with purchase and production to ensure bills are linked with actual operations
  • Perform variance and profitability analysis
  • Multi-Curreny. Generate statutory reports in excel, CSV
  • Invoice and Packing List formats
  • Track pre and post shipment documents
  • Back to Back LC, Insurance and Freight tracking
  • Perform Planned Vs. Actual production costs
Modules are configurable to match company's manufacturing processes.

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