Platform Integration Tools Create the best-fit scenario!

Integration tools consists of various components /drivers that let us integrate the solution with existing IT setup modules. These may be used for pulling / pushing data amongst the system components for seamless operations. Component tools talk native language with the existing systems.

Platform Deployment

The deployment scenario shall decide on the kind of platform extension tools required to get the system work smoothly. In case of on-the-cloud deployment, almost no extension tool would be required.

In order to produce the best and desired results from the software platform, we undertake developments and adjustments that are customized in nature. Major developments may become a part of our product development roadmap. The idea is to get maximum out of automation.

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Information Security is vital to our solution implementation. We have devised security standards that are coupled with advanced research in the field. The module ensures that appropriate and required security components are in place and are integrated within the implemented setup, end-to-end.

There may be legacy components working in the systems wherein we customize and develop required components for integration with modern systems.

There are multiple data backup modules that are deployed and tested just after staging goes live. They are exposed through our standard security checks and for detailed restoration testing process.

We develop Web based REST API programs for interchange of data between existing system and the cloud based secure components. The API interfaces are then tested for security, speed and accuracy, before they are pushed to production.